A de Ámbar Series

Family Feelings and Emotions Friendship
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In this easy-to-read version of the popular Amber Brown series, Danziger simplifies her prose style without reducing her energy and Ross adds extra verve to the illustrations. Meeting Ámbar and her friend Justo will provide the ideal encouragement for younger readers ready to read on their own. A 5-title series ideal for K–2 classrooms.
Family Feelings and Emotions Friendship
Special Price $39.96 Regular Price $49.95


ISBN: 9781631138553
¡Qué viaje, Ámbar Dorado!

Ámbar Dorado is expecting the best vacation ever! Her family is going to the Poconos with her best friend, Justo Daniels, and his family. Ámbar can't wait to explore the tree house, cool off in the pool, and maybe even sleep out in a tent. Nothing can go wrong on a vacation with your best friend–or can it?

ISBN: 9781631138560
Justo a tiempo, Ámbar Dorado

Ámbar Dorado wants a watch for her seventh birthday more than anything. She will feel more grown-up when she can see what time it is whenever she wants. Also, she will always know exactly how late Justo Daniels, her best friend, is. He is a great best friend, but Ámbar is getting tired of waiting for him all the time.

ISBN: 9781631138577
Es día de feria, Ámbar Dorado

Ámbar Dorado awakes, ready for a perfect day at the county fair. She, her parents, her best friend Justo, and his family are in the Poconos on vacation. She's got it all planned… hot dogs, cotton candy, games, and wonderful rides. The morning turns out exactly as she hopes it will, but then her mom and dad get into a fight, and a perfect day at the fair turns into just a fair day.

ISBN: 9781631138584
Segundo grado es increíble, Ámbar Dorado

Ámbar Dorado thinks that second grade rules! But when her teacher says desks have to be kept clean, Ámbar knows that is one rule she cannot follow. She desperately wants the desk fairy, Pupitrina, to visit her desk and leave a reward. A messy desk never bothered Ámbar before, but now that a treat is involved, it does...

ISBN: 9781631138591
Lista para segundo grado, Ámbar Dorado

Ámbar Dorado is excited about starting second grade, but she is a little nervous too. There is a new teacher this year. The old second grade teacher was really nice and used to smile at her in the hall. What if the new one isn't as nice? What if she doesn't like Ámbar? As she sets off with her new bear backpack, Ámbar decides she's ready for whatever happens. And second grade better be ready for Ámbar Dorado!

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