Introducing dos tomatillos!

The story behind our name

Just as our readers are pint-sized versions of their parents and grandparents, the tiny tomatillo is irresistibly cute with its name drawing a connection to its larger full-sized cousin, the tomato.

The husk tomato originated in Mexico and was cultivated in the pre-Columbian era. Today, tomatillos are globally popular in the cuisines of Mexico, Central, and Latin America.

We chose to use two tomatillos to represent the closeness we hope to inspire between the generations who read our stories together.

The dos tomatillos mission

Our aim is to foster kids' passion for their heritage and facilitate the celebration of Hispanic culture through the gift of language and literature.

Our curated collection of authentic Spanish language books includes a full range of age-appropriate titles to ensure that their library can grow with them for years to come.

Our heritage

Dos Tomatillos sprouted from Vista Higher Learning, which has long been the leader in language education.

Adding a gorgeous collection of authentic Spanish language books for children to our offerings, extends our passion for classroom learning into your home.

We hope you love our beautiful children's books as much as we do. Our passion is keeping your Spanish heritage thriving for future generations.