Animales de América Series

Animal Facts Endangered Animals and Plants
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Each one of the volumes in this 5-title series of authentic Spanish books offers 3–5 students an interesting nonfiction article and an entertaining fictional story about an endangered species of the western hemisphere.
Animal Facts Endangered Animals and Plants
Special Price $51.96 Regular Price $64.95


ISBN: 9781631138607
El pájaro mosca

If you hear a soft hum and suddenly see a tiny bird—so tiny that it would easily fit inside a chicken’s egg—then you have been lucky enough to see a bee hummingbird, the tiniest bird in the world. In spite of its speed, this beautiful animal has been captured on these pages, and it has a story to tell you.



ISBN: 9781631138614
Las patas del flamenco

Did you know that colonies of flamingos have baby-sitters who take care of the little ones when their parents are away? This is just one of the amazing facts presented in this book about these endangered creatures.



ISBN: 9781631138621
Un bosque para la mariposa monarca

Did you know that the monarch butterflies that return to Canada after their long annual trip and four-month hibernation in Mexico are the great-granddaughters of the ones that began the journey? Read this book to learn more about these incredible creatures.



ISBN: 9781631138638
Mi amigo el manatí

After chewing and munching on many plants, manatees’ teeth wear out very quickly. Nevertheless, do not to worry, because new teeth grow as soon as the old ones are no longer useful. This is just one of the wonders of these endangered sea mammals.



ISBN: 9781631138645
Ahí viene el lobo gris

Wolves are strong, fierce, and cunning, but they are also playful and affectionate. This book provides information about the behavior of these wonderful animals and will teach you how wolves became endangered and how people are working to save them. Here you will find pictures and information about this noble animal and, following that, a story.



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