Judy Blume Collection

Family Feelings and Emotions School Stories
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This 3-title set for Grades 3–8 gives new generations of young readers access to the world of best-selling and beloved author Judy Blume.
Family Feelings and Emotions School Stories
Special Price $25.56 Regular Price $31.95


ISBN: 9781631139666

Peter Hatcher, a twelve-year-old boy, learns that his mother is going to have a baby and that the whole family will be moving to Princeton for a year. He is worried about starting sixth grade in a strange place and going to the same school as his younger brother, Fudge. But he is a lot more concerned about his new baby sister turning out to be just as big a nuisance as Fudge is now.

ISBN: 9781631139697
Doble Fudge

Fudge’s new obsession (money!) is driving his older brother Peter crazy! But life really spins out of control when Peter and his family run into their long-lost relatives, the Howie Hatchers. Now Peter has to deal with Flora and Fauna, his annoying twin cousins, and their weird little brother, named Farley Drexel Hatcher—just like Fudge! Before long, mini-Fudge is causing just as much trouble as Fudge always has!

ISBN: 9781682922941
Jugo de pecas

Envious of freckle-faced Nicky, second grader Andrew pays 50 cents for a secret freckle juice formula hawked by an enterprising classmate, Sharon. But the concoction made from Sharon’s recipe fails and Andrew turns green!

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