Natacha Series

Family Humor School Stories
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Students meet Natacha and are instantly engaged as they follow her adventures in this 6-title series of authentic Spanish best-sellers for Grades 3–5.
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Family Humor School Stories
Special Price $66.36 Regular Price $82.95


ISBN: 9786070128783

In this book, the first in the series, Natacha tells us about the origin of the famous “Pearl Girls” and the arrival of Raffles, her mischievous dog and inseparable companion. She also tells us what it is like to go to the movies with a boy, what happens when she decides to help and cook for her mom, and what bedtime stories should be like (featuring non-scary monsters).



ISBN: 9786070134142
Chat, Natacha, chat

Learning Arab dance, solving computer problems, an essay on the human body, a visit to a farm where “city animals” meet “country animals,” and a chat session with a famous writer are just some of the situations in which Natacha and her BFF Pati (Oh! and lets not forget her dog Raffles!) manage to turn into absolute madness.



ISBN: 9786070135408
Te amo, lectura (Natacha)

Natacha's teacher invites the class to read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Little Prince. What begins as a homework assignment becomes a fierce contest between boys and girls. A new, fun adventure featuring Natacha and her friend Pati, which celebrates reading and will help inspire a love for it.



ISBN: 9786070135637
Bituín, bituín Natacha

In this book, Natacha writes to her dog Raffles, telling him all about her beach vacation. She goes to a library with her classmates to do research on The Beatles, and makes significant progress in her English language studies. She consults the I Ching and is advised to "cross the great waters." She also asks questions like “Mom, did you know we are supposed to be competing for Dad's attention?”



ISBN: 9786070135781
Querido Diario (Natacha)

One Saturday afternoon, Natacha and Pati decide to stay home to start writing in their new diaries. The two friends work and have fun together, but the afternoon ends up turning into one mix-up after another. In this new Natacha and Pati's adventure, bestselling Argentinean author Luis Pescetti reminds us of everything that happens when it seems like nothing is going on. Dear Diary (Natacha) is not only an inspiring story about the exciting adventure of writing but also about the magic of friendship.



ISBN: 9786070136276
¡Padrísimo, Natacha!

Natacha and Pati get into the business of writing made-to-order love letters. This leads to entertaining situations, both in and out of school. This book is about the challenges of making friends, getting good grades, helping others regardless of who they are, and of being sons and daughters. . . In other words: about being children.




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