Participación cívica: Luchar por los derechos civiles Series

Advocacy / Making a Change Civil Rights Equality
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The past has seen great movements for equality in the U.S. This 5-title series for Grades 4–6 explores these movements and highlights in great detail the key figures and events that fueled each one of them. Important topics introduced are the movements for civil rights, women’s suffrage, rights of people with disabilities, Native American rights, and Mexican American rights.
Advocacy / Making a Change Civil Rights Equality
Special Price $48.00 Regular Price $60.00


ISBN: 9781499433036
El Movimiento por los derechos civiles en Estados Unidos

The American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s marked a shift in how African Americans were treated in the United States. This volume highlights the important events and figures that made this movement successful. The book introduces readers to important activists who fought for civil rights by raising their voices and refusing to accept unfair laws. Photographs and primary sources provide readers with a firsthand look at the history of the movement. Finally, readers will learn what can still be done to further equality for African Americans in the United States and how they can be a part of the movement.



ISBN: 9781499433159
El Movimiento por los derechos civiles de los mexicoamericanos

Since the days of westward expansion and the U.S.-Mexican War, people of Mexican descent have faced great discrimination in the United States. This volume introduces readers to the historical background of the Mexican American civil rights movement, as well as its key figures and events. Photographs and primary sources will transport readers back in time to truly grasp the importance of this movement. Readers will learn about current issues pertaining to Mexican Americans and immigration, and learn what they could do to advance the movement for equality.



ISBN: 9781499433098
El Movimiento por los derechos de las personas con discapacidad

People with disabilities have faced great struggle and inequality. This volume explores the ways in which people with disabilities have fought for their right to equal access, equal opportunities, and equal treatment. Key figures and events are highlighted to give readers a well-rounded sense of the movement. Photographs and primary sources bring the movement to life. Readers are challenged to think about what could be changed in the future to help people with disabilities live a full, fair life.



ISBN: 9781499433005
El Movimiento por el sufragio femenino

For most of history, women have been confined to their households, and to lives without equal rights or equal opportunities. This volume introduces readers to the women of the suffrage movement, the defining movement for women’s rights, especially the right to vote. Primary sources and photographs will show readers firsthand how the challenges and successes of this movement shaped the lives of women across the United States. Readers will also learn about the inequality that still exists for women, and how they can change this injustice in the future.



ISBN: 9781499433067
El Movimiento de los pueblos indígenas de Estados Unidos

American Indians have faced injustice from the moment Europeans came to the Americas to claim land and resources. This volume traces the history of injustice against American Indians, from losing their land, to moving to reservations, to having their culture stolen from them. Readers will learn how the movement for rights began, and the challenges and successes activists faced. Primary sources and photographs from the movement will bring readers back in time to fully grasp the importance of events. The book concludes by challenging readers to think about how they could help advance American Indian rights today.


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