Rana, rema, rimas Series

Feelings and Emotions Humor Words and Word Games
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Margarita Robleda’s feel-good 8-title series of amusing stories motivates young readers from Grades PreK–1 to learn, recite, and share words and language. Kit includes audio CD with readings and songs.
Feelings and Emotions Humor Words and Word Games
Special Price $74.36 Regular Price $92.95


ISBN: 9781631139369
Sana ranita, sana

This little book presents the Hispanic traditional rhyme "Sana, sana, colita de rana…" (Heal, heal, frog's tail) with a twist, proving that hugs and kisses can cure any soul.



ISBN: 9781631139376

This story's protagonist is a feisty little girl who not only loves to play with her favorite doll but also enjoys riding her bike and skateboard, proving that those are not "boy's things.



ISBN: 9781631139383
Patito, ¿dónde estás?

A boy desperately looks for his rubber ducky through his entire house. His imagination leads him to look in the most unusual places, like the clouds or underneath a fork... In the end, he finds it where he first should have looked: in his toy box. An amusing story based on a traditional children’s rhyme.



ISBN: 9781631139390
Muñeca de trapo

After rejecting several boring and sophisticated dolls that she finds in a toy store, the little girl in this story chooses a rag doll with button eyes. This is a sweet tale that teaches readers that it is not always the most expensive or fancy things that makes us happy.



ISBN: 9781631139406

A little boy takes young readers on an adventure through the sky, land, and sea, but ultimately leads them to the best place on Earth: the arms of Mommy.



ISBN: 9781631139413
Este soy yo

A boy describes himself, feature by feature, in order to make a self-portrait. The outcome, however, is not what he was expecting. This is a charming way to teach little ones that creativity has no limits, and that being creative can be a lot of fun.



ISBN: 9781631139420
Ramón y su ratón

A feel-good story about a charming fellow and his clever little mouse, who will stop at nothing to eat some tasty, juicy ham.



ISBN: 9781631139437
Jugando con las vocales

Two very creative children show the reader how they can find a "hidden" vowel anywhere. The amusing suggestions will help pre-schoolers associate the shape of each one of the five vowels with things they find in their own world.



ISBN: 9781631139444
Canciones y cuentos: rana, rema, rimas 1&2 (Audio)

This audio CD features Margarita Robleda narrating each story in her upbeat, amusing fashion and singing each story with her unforgettable style. Allows an opportunity to read and sing along with lively music. Contains the audio for all eight titles in the Rana rema rimas series.




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