Rimas y poemas Library (K–2)

Animals Family Words and Word Games
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A 5-title library for Grades K–2 that includes a rich variety of delightful poetry books, spanning a range of subgenres.
Animals Family Words and Word Games
Special Price $51.96 Regular Price $64.95


ISBN: 9781641012317
El libro que canta

Yolanda Reyes Colombian writer and educator, has gathered rhymes, rounds, lullabies, poems, and stories by famous authors and from the oral tradition to introduce children to the wonderful world of songs, rhymes, and poems.



ISBN: 9781543324914
Paseando junto a ella

Verses filled with tenderness, memories, and gratitude that tell us about the passing of the years, the loss of memory in the old age, and of people suffering degenerative diseases. A different perspective presented through the relationship between a child and his grandmother, a poem with images that will not leave us indifferent, for its beauty and sensitivity.



ISBN: 9781641011266
El blues de los gatos

This story starts in a dark alley in Barcelona where the cats are up and about. They need to eat and go in search of a feast. There is no scarcity of work, but they like to rest. Their games, at times, are fights that the light can calm down, and when they travel by the light of the moon, their shadows make silhouettes. With the rhythm of the blues, these verses describe stray cats in a sentimental way.



ISBN: 9789942193360
Monstruos (Libro + CD)

In this new work by singer-songwriter Ricardo Williams, you will find monsters of different shapes and colors. They like to eat bugs, play, and laugh with you. These monsters want to be your friends and share in all your ups and downs. And even though they make strange sounds, you will, without a doubt, grow to love them.



ISBN: 9786070130908
Cuáles animales

Brawny sweet / comes all disheveled… Calm stone in no hurry / his shirt is very hard…" In this book, animals are reinvented by illustrator Juan Gedovius, who invites readers to observe the world with a different view and to find the new in the known; the surprise in the familiar. The reader will be delighted, discovering in the images the answers to the ingenious riddles written in verse.




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