Sapo y Sepo Series

Friendship Humor Nature
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Frog and Toad are always there for each other—just as best friends should be. Arnold Lobel’s classic 4-title series for Grades K‒3 is an essential addition to any beginning reader’s shelf.
Friendship Humor Nature
Special Price $31.96 Regular Price $39.95


ISBN: 9781631139512
Sapo y Sepo, inseparables

Frog and Toad’s friendship has made them inseparable, and in these stories both of them take care of the garden, observe how seeds grow, share tasty pasta, and dream about the fantastic stage on which they are the best actors in the world.

ISBN: 9781631139529
Sapo y Sepo son amigos

Our endearing pair hop along through five stories, looking for lost buttons, greeting the spring, and waiting for mail. Their true affection for each other makes Frog and Toad two of the finest amphibian role models to be found.

ISBN: 9781631139536
Días con Sapo y Sepo

Frog and Toad, the likable duo, fly kites, clean the house, and tell ghost stories together. They even learn about the value of being alone. Frog is more perceptive than Toad; his supportive manner with his friend shows that personal differences don’t have to get in the way of friendship.

ISBN: 9781631139543
Sapo y Sepo, un año entero

Our wonderful duo return in five easy-to-read celebrations of friendship: one for each season of the year and a bonus episode for Christmas. The contrast between adventurous Frog and his more cautious companion is skillfully delineated in text and pictures.

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