Símbolos de nuestro país Series

Symbols, Monuments, National Parks, etc. Cultural Identity US History
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It’s never too early to learn about the greatest symbols of the United States. This 4-title series for Grades PreK–1 introduces students to several iconic symbols, from the American flag to the bald eagle. Readers follow a relatable narrator as they are introduced to each symbol and learn simple, accessible facts about what it is and why it is important.
Symbols, Monuments, National Parks, etc. Cultural Identity US History
Special Price $26.40 Regular Price $33.00


ISBN: 978-1-49942-759-2
Ondeo la bandera estadounidense

The American flag is one of the most famous symbols of the United States. This book follows a narrator as they find American flags all over their community. The narrator learns about the history of the flag, and why we still wave it today. Brilliant illustrations and a familiar community-based setting will hook young readers’ and listeners’ attention. Readers will love learning about the importance of our nation’s flag!

ISBN: 978-1-49942-760-8
Mi visita a la Campana de la Libertad

If there’s one thing kids know about the Liberty Bell, it’s that this American symbol stands for freedom. Readers will follow the narrator on a family vacation to Philadelphia to visit Independence Hall. While there, the narrator sees the Liberty Bell, and learns about its history and why it’s still important today. A relatable storyline and vivid illustrations make this book both fun and accessible for young readers and listeners.

ISBN: 978-1-49942-761-5
Canto el himno nacional

The “Star-Spangled Banner” is the great anthem of our nation. This book introduces readers to this special song, the story behind it, and why we still sing it today. Readers will love following the main character as they learn how to sing the “Star-Spangled Banner” in music class. Illustrations help tell both the main character’s story and that of Francis Scott Key. Young readers will enjoy following this engaging yet simple text about the United States’ anthem.

ISBN: 978-1-49942-799-8
Puedo ver el águila calva

The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States. Readers will love learning more about this amazing bird through a relatable story about a field trip to the zoo. This book introduces readers to the bald eagle’s physical features, as well as the reasons why this bird is so special to Americans everywhere. The story is brought to life through colorful illustrations and engaging text. The text is accessible enough for emerging readers, and exciting enough for younger listeners.

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