Trabajadores de la comunidad Series

Community and Community Involvement Community Workers Jobs and Careers
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This 4-title series introduces PreK–1 students to some of the great workers that live in their community, including librarians and firefighters.
• Readers follow a relatable narrator as they encounter a community helper.
• Students learn about their own community while expanding their knowledge of the many careers that keep their community going.
Community and Community Involvement Community Workers Jobs and Careers
Special Price $26.40 Regular Price $33.00


ISBN: 9781499427660
El bibliotecario nos lee cuentos

Librarians are experts when it comes to books and reading! Readers will enjoy following the narrator as they attend story time at their community library. The narrator explores new books and learns a lot from listening to the librarian read. Just as the library’s books fascinate the children in the text, this book will engage children with its illustrations and familiar story. This book fosters an emerging reader’s excitement about reading, and inspires those who haven’t yet learned to read to get started.

ISBN: 9781499427677
Visita al veterinario

Vets save animals’ lives every day! This book follows a narrator as they bring their dog to the vet. The narrator watches the vet check the dog’s weight, heart, and fur, among other things. Readers will love the colorful illustrations and exciting text about a trip to the vet. Emerging readers, as well as younger listeners, will learn about the important role vets play in their community.

ISBN: 9781499427684
Mi visita al dentista

Without dentists, we wouldn’t know how to take care of our teeth! Readers will enjoy following this story’s narrator as they go for a check-up and cleaning at the dentist. The narrator learns how to brush and floss to keep their teeth healthy and clean. This book pairs a fun story with colorful illustrations to keep young readers and listeners engaged in the story.

ISBN: 9781499427714
Bomberos al rescate

Firefighters are everyday heroes you can meet in your own community! This book follows a narrator as they go to work with their firefighter uncle. Readers will learn what firefighters do, where they work, and the tools they use to fight fires and stay safe. This book pairs a relatable story with stunning illustrations to give readers a well-rounded understanding of the firefighters’ role in their community.

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