Vamos de viaje Library (K–2)

Animal Stories Humor Travel
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Take an imaginary trip with this 5-title library for Grades K–2 carefully put together to explore the idea of the beauty of the world.
Free “Identificar el Escenario” Anchor Chart and Graphic Organizer
Animal Stories Humor Travel
Special Price $43.96 Regular Price $54.95


ISBN: 9789584528988
El ratón de la ciudad y el ratón del campo

Everyone knows the tale of the city mouse who visits the country only to feel disgusted by the simple life, and the country mouse who visits the city and feels overwhelmed. They are sure that they would never trade places, but decide that a change of scenery every once in a while, is a good idea. This book brings a new twist to the story by portraying the different lifestyles in extreme detail. A lively, humorous take on a classic folktale.

ISBN: 9781603964036
Quiero viajar

We can travel by train or by airplane. We can travel by bus or by boat. This book shows us these and other means of transportation, which can help us explore our world and even beyond…

ISBN: 9786070134890
Yanka, yanka

A family of penguins decides to go to the beach for their vacation so that their babies will see what life is like far away from the South Pole. They meet many animals at the beach, and although they have fun, soon realize there is no place like home

ISBN: 9789561528093
Un paseo al campo

A father who likes giving surprises, a mother who invents curious gadgets, eight playful kids, and a tall tree surrounded by beautiful mountains make the perfect setting for a fun and unforgettable picnic day.

ISBN: 9781682922422
Una familia para Rodolfo

Rodolfo the Wolf is surfing the Internet one day when he discovers thousands of wolves around the world and decides to travel. It will be a long journey to meet his extended family: first he will visit the North Pole, then Italy, folowed by the forests of France, and the Galápagos Islands. It’s crystal clear: all wolves are related! But where is his real family?



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