A world of communication beyond the classroom

Chat Activities—a world of communication beyond the classroom

Effective oral communication is a key goal of language instruction. Our new Virtual Chat and Partner Chat features address that goal, in a way that's familiar to students—after all, online chatting is a part of their everyday lives!

Supersite Chat Activities:

  • Offer more opportunities for spoken production, beyond the face-to-face classroom
  • Help reduce students' affective filter and build confidence
  • Provide a recorded portfolio of students' spoken work that can be easily graded

Virtual Chat

Language production can be intimidating for new students, but this initial step helps build confidence and better prepare students for face-to-face communication. In Virtual Chat activities, students create simulated conversations by responding to a series of questions. Native speakers from different regions pre-recorded these questions, ‘thus’ modeling the target language and exposing students to a variety of accents. The Virtual Chat interface also lets students control the pace: they can repeat as often as desired before submitting the work to be graded.

Video Partner Chat

With video Partner Chat, students progress to working in pairs to accomplish a given task. Within the chat interface students can see who is online, issue invites to do the activity, and prepare for their recording by chatting via video or text message. Video (or audio-only) recording and playback controls can be accessed by either partner, and students can re-record their assignment until they are ready to submit it for a grade.

Visit program specific pages for additional details regarding Supersite availability.