Conozcamos nuestra economía Series

How Things Work/Are Made Money and Consumption Business and Economics
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This 8-title series serves as an essential starting point for students to learn the basics of our economy. Students follow the ways in which the economic cycle affects lives, and the importance of financial responsibility. Complex topics and vocabulary are explained thoroughly and supplemented by helpful images and diagrams.
How Things Work/Are Made Money and Consumption Business and Economics
Special Price $82.36 Regular Price $102.95


ISBN: 978-1-50810-236-6
¿Qué son la oferta y demanda?

This volume offers a concise overview that is perfect for young readers who are just learning about economics. A basic overview of supply and demand breaks down the concept with clear explanations of each aspect, using concrete examples to which readers of the focus age group can relate and understand. Vibrant illustrations help reinforce the text, and pertinent vocabulary is highlighted in bold boxes or in the glossary. Questions throughout help readers put the ideas into context. This lively text keeps readers engaged and turning the pages.

ISBN: 978-1-50810-240-3
¿Qué son los bienes y servicios?

With simple examples that are easy to relate to, this basic review of some of the building blocks of economics will help readers easily grasp the concepts. With language that is conversational without being too casual, readers are engaged throughout as they learn about not only these basic concepts but also how they fit into the whole economic scheme of things, such as where goods come from. Readers will learn about the three factors of production, as well as what happens when resources are lacking and how that influences the entire economy.

ISBN: 978-1-50810-244-1
¿Qué son los lujos y necesidades?

For young people, it can be easy to confuse what one wants as opposed to what one actually needs. This thoughtful resource elucidates the basic concepts of wants and needs and how they fit into the economic landscape. Readers will be asked to consider the different priorities of cultures from around the world, offering a more global overview, as well as a perspective on what people needed in the past. The text nudges the idea of needs further with a discussion about emotional needs and what those might be.

ISBN: 978-1-50810-248-9
¿Qué son el dinero y los bancos?

The ideas of money and banking might seem fairly concrete on the surface. And in many ways they are, but this resource offers readers a review of the rich history of money and banking, such as how it has been used through the years, and its evolution over time, such as from bartering to banking. The text also delves into how modern money has been made. This edifying text also tackles concepts like value. Readers will learn how banks work, the various types of banks, and the kinds of bank accounts readers might encounter.

ISBN: 978-1-50810-252-6
¿Qué son los trabajos e ingresos?

Having a job and earning money are a part of everyday life for most people, especially adults. The concept seems fairly straightforward: one works to earn. This volume discerns the difference between a job and a career, as well as how a job can develop into a career. Readers will learn why a community's economy needs jobs, how paying someone to do a job helps the person who is paying them, and even about job loss and its consequences. The text also explains different jobs and their effects on the economy, such as those of professional, production, arts, and government and military jobs.

ISBN: 978-1-50810-256-4
¿Qué son los ahorros y gastos?

Saving and spending are building blocks of the economy. Readers will learn about various sources of income as well as concepts such as how saving a little at a time can eventually add up to a lot of money. This informational text explains ideas such as keeping track of expenses, financial goals, budgeting, and investing. Readers will learn about different types of saving plans, such as those for college and retirement. This resource also includes the ideas of donations and philanthropy.

ISBN: 978-1-50810-260-1
¿Qué son los proveedores y consumidores?

Readers will learn about the important relationship between producers and consumers as well as buyers and sellers, and how they all work together to create a healthy economy. This instructive volume defines basic economic concepts like goods and services and explains production with examples of the different types of production. It also covers the primary and secondary industries that produce goods. Concepts such as marketing and advertising are also covered, for a well-rounded view of this fascinating aspect of the economy.

ISBN: 978-1-50810-264-9
¿Qué son los recursos?

Young readers may have heard about the benefits of using and making the most of their resources, but how does that factor into an economic discussion? This thorough discussion defines resources and describes the different types of resources and why some divide them into three categories and others choose four. The book also addresses the concept of scarcity, showing readers how, because all resources have their limits, it is important to use them responsibly and efficiently in a healthy economy.

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