Dos Tomatillos Subscription Terms and Conditions:

Welcome to the Dos Tomatillos subscription (your “Subscription”).  These terms are between you and Vista Higher Learning Inc. and govern our respective rights and obligations regarding your Subscription. Your Subscription is also subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By signing up for the Dos Tomatillos subscription, you accept these terms and conditions.


When you subscribe, we’ll send you your first two-book shipment at no cost; you have to pay only the shipping and handling costs ($4.95).  After that, approximately once every month we will send you another two-book shipment appropriate for the age group you selected.  The cost of each subsequent shipment will be $21.95, plus $4.95 for shipping and handling, conveniently charged to your credit card on file. 


Your first shipment will arrive within 2 to 4 weeks.  Subsequent shipments will be delivered approximately once a month.


You can return any shipment you do not want and receive a full refund credited to your account.  If you do not want to accept any of the books in your shipment, simply place them back in the box we provide and mail them back to us at your cost. Any returned books must be postmarked no later than seven (7) days after you receive the package (the "Return Date"). Unless otherwise agreed to by us in writing, you agree that by keeping any books in the shipment and not postmarking them back to us by the Return Date, you have accepted our offer to purchase such books. Products must be returned in saleable condition, as determined by us. 


Your subscription will continue until cancelled. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time either online or by calling 1-800-269-6311.  If you cancel your Subscription, we will refund your paid subscription fee for that month, if we have not yet shipped your books for that month.

Fee Payment and Renewal

All payments must be made in U.S. dollars, and state sales tax will be added where applicable.  You must keep a valid credit/debit card on file in order to remain a member and receive Subscription benefits. If you do not keep a valid credit/debit card on file, your membership will be terminated thirty (30) days following the date that your card first became inactive.

Each month you will be charged when we ship your books for that month to you. Your subscription will renew automatically on the same day of each subsequent shipment.

Unless you notify us before your renewal date that you want to cancel, you acknowledge that your membership will automatically renew on a monthly basis and you authorize us (without notice to you, unless required by applicable law) to charge the then-applicable subscription fee and any taxes, using the debit/credit card we have on file for you.

Subscription Changes

From time to time, we may choose in our sole discretion to modify the Subscription details, charges, and benefits. We will notify you of any material changes, via email or the Dos Tomatillos website. By continuing your Subscription, you accept and agree to any such changes. 


We reserve the right to refuse your subscription at our discretion.

We may communicate with you (via email or otherwise) relating to your Subscription.

You may not transfer or assign your Subscription.

You are not permitted to subscribe for the purpose of resale or rental of the books.